Just a Normal Day {Sydney Children’s Photographer}

My kids are always in costume.  On the street people always ask “What’s the occasion?”  99% of the time it’s just what they chose to wear.  Personally I love it and will be so sad when this period of their childhood it over. Today was no exception – except for the fact that they both dressed from STAR WARS!  My husband would be in heaven had he been home.  So this day in particular called for some quick photos outside.  I had my 35mm lens on my camera from some early morning shots and normally wouldn’t use it for candid portraits.  I prefer to compress the background a bit more than my 35mm will allow. But sometimes you have to go with it when your kids actually want to take pictures!  My daughter was more game than little Darth but 5 minutes and a potty break later I got these little gems.  Treasures for years from now for sure.  And I can’t wait to see people’s faces as they take on the city today!
Boy and girl portraits dressed from star warsBoy and girl dresses as Princess Leia and Darth Vadersiblings playing dress up from star warsBoy and girl as Princess Leia and Darth Vader

I’d love to capture your little ones playing.  Let’s make a date together soon!


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