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“What if my child won’t behave?” is the number one fear of most parents who want to schedule a family photo session.  Just the other day, a mum was asking for the best tip to get her 2 year old to cooperate during the session.  She wanted to know what bribe worked best and listed out no less than 10 things she could bring in order to try and cajole some level of cooperation out of him during our time together.  I could hear the anxiety mounting in her voice as she searched for answers to calm her fears.

My answer? “Don’t worry about his behavior. Let him be himself.”

Nothing ruins a photo shoot more than stressed out parents who are worrying about their children cooperating.  And I understand that.  You are paying for someone to capture photos of your family that you love.  It stands to reason that your kids need to cooperate to make that happen.  I just see it in a different light.

If you are coming to me for a family photo session, I don’t want your child to “behave”.  Under the definition of “behave” are the following synonyms “act correctly, act properly, conduct oneself well, act in a polite way.”  None of those sound compatible with capturing true moments of childhood.  Children are spontaneous, free spirited, action oriented, playful, emotional, silly, and fun-loving. Those are the qualities I want to capture in the kids I photograph.  And I bet those are the qualities you love in your child.

So schedule your session, pick the location, plan your wardrobe and show up.  Then let the kids be kids. Let them run, laugh, giggle, fight with their siblings, pout, jump and play hide and seek.  And let me snap away.  I promise you’ll be more relaxed and you’ll get the photos you love of your family being your family.  And you’ll have fun so that when you look back on those photos you’ll feel warmth, love and connection.  Don’t stress and don’t worry – concentrate on making some memories.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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