Happy Third Birthday to My Baby { Child Photographer | Sydney }

I might have started a tradition with my virtual birthday wish to my husband last week.  Today is my son’s third birthday and it only seemed fitting to do the same for him.  Most of the time I feel like my kids should be the age that they are – like I have lived every moment of the three years with my son by my side.  People, myself included, often say “Where did the time go?”  But if I really think about it, I know where it went.  It went to bathing, feeding, rocking, walking, playing, smiling, laughing, crying, worrying, and loving.  It was spent watching tv at 3am with a sleepless newborn, building sandcastles in the sandpit on a Wednesday afternoon, being the first one in line at the aquarium on a rainy day, and waiting for a fever to come down in the middle of the night. Physically and emotionally children demand that you be present – and I am so grateful for my camera that lets me capture our everyday in a way that keeps me grounded in the moment. A friend once said to me that nothing teaches you more about the passing of time than a child.  And I think that is so true.  While I feel as though I have lived so that every day of the last three years can be accounted for – time still passes.  My baby has grown older, developed new skills and gained more independence.  There is nothing I can do but acknowledge the passage of time and hope that I spent it well.

So I wish my darling boy a happy third birthday.  My heart is full of the past three years of daily “doings.” I am incredibly proud of the sensitive, strong, brave and kind person he is becoming.  I can’t wait to see what another year brings.  And with that, here are some of my favourite images from the last year.

April 2014 | Just 2

Two year old boy in buzz jacket

April 2014 | Easter

Two year old boy dressed as buzz lightyear

May 2014 | Hiding

Two year old boy playing hide and seek

May 2014 | Old Soul

Little boy in the city

May 2014 | Fish Markets at Sunset

Little boy at sunset at the Sydney Fish Market

June 2014 | Contemplation

Small boy on playground

June 2014 | Playing Sleeping Beauty

Two siblings playing sleeping beauty

June 2014 | Sleep

little boy sleeping with dog

July 2014 | Buzz

Blonde haired boy in Darling harbour

August 2014 | Reflection

Blonde haired boy at Manly

August 2014 | Manly

Blond haired boy at the beach in winter

 September 2014 | Scootering

October 2014 | Hard Day at the Office

October 2014 | Kung Fu Panda is So Funny

October 2014 | Halloween

Blonde haired boy dressed as a crocodile

November 2014 | Cool

Two year old on a scooter

January 2015 | SuperBuzz at the Chinese Gardens

Two year old dressed as a super hero

January 2015 | Darth

Siblings playing star wars

February 2015 | Lunar Markets

Boy at Chinese markets

April 2015 | C.A.

Little boy dressed as Captain AmericaApril 2015 | Bondi

Blonde Haired boy at Bondi

April 2015 | Birthday Boy

Morning of third birthday

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