365 Project Week 8 {Sydney Family Portrait Photographer}

Week 8 was the week of the family self portrait.  I had been wanting to get a family portrait with my in-laws for probably two years.  My father-in-law is often in Korea and when he is here, it is still hard to get all six of us together in good weather for a portrait.  Lately I have grown rather cognisant of the passing of time and how you just never know what tomorrow will bring.  I was determined on this trip to get that portrait before he headed back to Seoul.  And we did. And I love it.  Now just to get it on the wall! You can read about how to take your own portrait in my blog post on the subject.  But besides that, we visited the Chinese New Year Lantern Markets in Darling Harbour, discovered Hello Kitty Kinder Surprise eggs and went on with everyday life.  March will be here before we know it!

46/365  Lantern Festival
ISO 2500 f/2.5 1/160

Family portrait at the chinese gardens

47/365  Family Portrait
ISO 640 f/3.2 1/2500

Sunlit family portrait

48/365  Storytime
ISO 2500 f/2 1/200


49/365  Pow Pow Class
Samsung Galaxy 5
Little boy doing karate in Pymont at trifudojo

50/365 Hello Kitty
ISO 4000 f/2.2  1/60

Hello Kitty Kinder Surprise

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