You are My Sunshine {Kids Photographer Sydney}

We’ve have had such a freezing cold winter (at least freezing for Sydney!) that a day of sparkling sunshine was such a treat last week.  No puffy jackets, hats or scarves needed as we headed to the park on a Saturday afternoon.  Even though I take at least one photograph everyday, it had been weeks since my camera had seen the outdoors.  My favourite time to take pictures is in the middle of the day with bright sun that sparkles off the tops of my kids heads. I often feel like the light is a projection of their sweet, sometimes crazy, and unique spirit that shines so brightly that it can’t help but spill out on a sparkly day.  My daughter is very into her baby dolls at the moment so she and the favourite of the day did a little modeling on our way to the park.  I love the way my daughter dresses herself these days.  Somehow she makes the craziest outfits work.   If I were to wear them I would indeed look crazy!  But her – she pulls it off every time. On our way home, my son wanted a bit of the camera action too.  By then we were approaching sunset and the light was softer and and a bit rosy.  Fitting for his sweet spirit!

And that is August’s installment of my “4 on 4” series which simply means posting four images on the 4th of the month from the month before.  I love blog circles like this and being able to connect with photographers with different styles from different countries.  So please continue along the circle to see Jina’s blog post for this month. Thanks for reading!

Brown haired girl in gorgeous sunshine photographbrown haired girl with baby doll in sunshinebrown haired girl and sunshineLittle boy in Sydney at sunset

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  • Allison your children are beautiful! I love that you embrace the direct sunlight where most tend to shy away from it!ReplyCancel

  • Shauna Hargis

    Love your images! Your use of light is awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Zelena Rose (Zelena Hatcher)

    I love your use of light and how they just seem to glow.ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous images. And I love how you aren’t afraid to take on the high noon sun! For some (completely naive) reason, I had no idea that you had freezing cold winters in Sydney!ReplyCancel

    • Allison

      Thank you so much Jeanne. And cold is all relative!ReplyCancel

  • Denise

    So great to see that the sun still shines so bright in the middle of Winter. Great images of your children. The ones with your daughter and her little doll will be some you’ll cherish when she grows up :).ReplyCancel

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