Spring Holidays in Film { Sydney Family Photographer }

Spring school holidays seem like forever ago – instead of just last month.  As usual we had a great time.  I LOVE school holidays – no routine, lots of play, special outings, and sleeping just a little bit later.  Best of all – no school run!  The spring holidays are extra special though as my daughter’s birthday usually falls right in the middle making the time off all about celebrating her.  Typically the holidays start with her party and continue with one celebration after another.  This year we introduced a new tradition – the YES DAY.  That’s right – on your birthday you now get a “yes day” if you live in the Lee household.  This meant that I had to say yes to whatever the birthday girl wanted to do on her birthday.  We had a few rules (no spontaneous trips to Disneyland!) but otherwise all bets were off.  I was a bit nervous but the day was great fun.  It turns out that the wishes of my six year old were a pink donut, the aquarium, noodles for lunch, legos, ice cream and riding her bike.  Totally doable and it was such fun to just say YES all day long.  Definitely a tradition to keep!

And if school holidays weren’t enough to keep us busy, I decided to take a class on family film making with my DSLR.  I have always loved video.  There is something so fulfilling about beautiful images accompanied by music and the sweet sound of my children’s voices.  I have swooned over films other photographers make and was so fortunate to slip into Emily Mitchell’s class for September.  I suddenly became a video addict.  It is such an amazing way to capture moments in time.  There is something incredible about capturing the way your child’s face breaks into a smile and not just the smile itself.  Or those little things like how they walk, or look up at their sister, or how they jump flatfooted.   I captured clips everyday of the school holidays.  There was steep learning curve but so incredible rewarding.  I loved every single minute of the shooting, editing, and music selection.  I am planning to start offering family films in 2016 so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy our Spring School Holidays…my first ever film!


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