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I met this gorgeous family on what had to be the hottest day Sydney had seen in quite sometime.  We met at Arthur McElhone Reserve in Elizabeth Bay – a stunning little park high up on a hill across from the Elizabeth Bay House.  One of the things I love about this project is being introduced to new gems within our beautiful city.  This little park (nicknamed the Fish Park by this family) was an amazing treasure – beautiful views of the city, fish ponds, lush green grass and foliage.  By 10am it was quite hot but that didn’t deter these two spunky boys from rolling down hills, chasing bubbles or racing back and forth to mum and dad about a million times.  Simone and Alphonso and their two little ones live in Potts Point not too far from the reserve.  I asked Simone and Alphonso to answer a few questions about why they have embraced a city lifestyle. Here is their reply:

Why did you choose to raise your family in the city?  What is important to you about a city lifestyle? 
When our first son was born, we had been living in Kings Cross for five years. We enjoyed the diverse socio-economic community and the number of parks, including the Botanical Gardens, in the area, so we decided to stay. What’s important to us about living a city lifestyle is remembering where we came from.

What has the City done that makes it easier/desirable for you to raise children in the city?
The number of large and small parks, public transportation as we don’t have a car, and meeting people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

What opportunities do you feel you and your kids have access to because you live within the city?
The festivals and events held in the city. We’re not too sure what different opportunities exist living outside of the city because this is the only place we’ve lived as a family.

What improvements could be made to make it even easier/more desirable to raise a family in the city?
More bike lanes in the city would be good as we and many other families enjoy spending time together exploring the city by bike and getting exercise.

More bike lanes.. Yes! I can totally relate as we are also a family who choose not to have a car.  Anything that can be done to make the city more accessible by means that don’t need a motor is a welcome advancement in my book!

And here is a peak at our fun, sunny and spirited morning…

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