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My baby turned four a few weeks ago. Four.  It seems so old at times.  Not a toddler, not in Kindy yet.  Somewhere in between.  Preschooler?  That is what he is but for some reason four stands out as a bit weighty.  Three still sounds like a wee one.  Five – we all know five is big.  But four. What is does it mean to be four?  Well in our house at this very specific point in time it means that you still like to climb into bed with mum and dad around 5:30am most mornings.  Often you have one piece of pyjamas missing later to be found somewhere between your bed and ours.  It means you lie still for another hour or so and then beg, beg, beg me to stay in bed and watch tv with you.  And as much as I want to and often do, at some point I must rise and get on with the busyness of the school run.  It means you go to preschool two times a week – more willingly now that you are four then you did at 3.75 years old.  It means you have made your first friends that grab you by both arms when you arrive and pull you in different directions until you all three fall down in hysterical giggles. It means you sing “I’m a Little Tea Pot”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” and “No One is Lazy in Lazytown” on rotation all day long and I adore it and could listen to it forever.  You love superheros, dinosaurs, trains, and stuffed animals always begging to bring something along to wherever it is we are going that day.  But is also means that you spend hours at the park playing with a ziploc bag that you fill to the top with water, seal, dump, punch holes in and repeat.  It means you tell me “You are best mom in the whole wide world until Disneyland” at least a couple times a day – and I am not sure I know exactly what that means (do I stop being the best mom in the world after we go to Disneyland or is Disneyland sort of like forever?) but regardless I secretly catch those words and pocket them in my heart every time I hear them.  It means you can literally eat a couple bites of apple and a few slices of ham and call it a day. It means that every other night it is my turn to “sleep” with you as you fall asleep on my arm in your bed. And I always hesitate to rise, lying still listening to your soft breathing, knowing that once I get up you are one more day closer to five.


This is my May installment of my 4 on 4 blog circle.  Be sure to follow along in the circle and see what Alexis has been up to over the last month

  • Ohh my youngest is going to turn four later this year! I love the image of him and Spider Man sitting side by side!ReplyCancel

  • I love how you describe what it’s like to be four in your house. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Captured “four” perfectly.ReplyCancel

  • It’s so neat that you’ve outlined all these little details of your son being 4 years old. My only daughter is 18 months and I would like to do something like this!

    I especially love this line: It means that every other night it is my turn to “sleep” with you as you fall asleep on my arm in your bed.ReplyCancel

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