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My clients are extraordinary.  The love they have for their children knows no bounds and creating gorgeous images that express this love and connection is a joy and a privilege.  Who are my clients?  You!

“You had no idea how fierce love could be until you held your child for the first time.  In those newborn days, you would stare at your infant and wonder how on earth you made a nose, a mouth and an eye of all things.  “An eye!  I made an eye!” you would think.  And then those sleepy eyes would open and gaze into yours and it would take your breath away.

You try and remember that feeling of being so connected, so fiercely in love on a daily basis. One of your greatest fears is that your child might not know how much you value the unique being she is becoming.  You make sure that you stop and really notice her emerging personality – often capturing snaps with your phone of the little things she does throughout the day.  As if by pushing the button you are cementing that you see and value the exquisite person that is your child right in this moment before it slips away.  And occasionally, but not often enough, your eyes lock while you are watching and you are fiercely connected again. And it takes your breath away.

You are committed to showing your child that you not only honour his individualism but you honour your own and as well as that of others.  You value exposing your child to diversity and new experiences – choosing to raise him close to the largest city in the country.   Your hopes and dreams for him is that he find his own path and you live in such a way that allows him to find that path maybe more easily than you did.

But mainly you want to make sure that your child knows he or she is perfect exactly the way she is with no expectations.   You want your child to know he is valued wholly – not for individual successes.  And that he or she is fiercely loved.

You shower your child with cuddles and kisses but you wish for a tangible visual record of that love. A visual love letter that shows your child that he or she is truly seen – not invisible in your busy hectic world.   That behind those beautiful eyes is the most beautiful being that takes your breath away.

So you hire a photographer…. but not any photographer.  You hire me. Because my photography is exactly that – a visual love letter to children.  My photography shows children that their spirit and unique way of being in the world is worthy of capturing beautifully.  It is a visual record of your fierce love.  And I promise the results will take your breath away.”

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