Meet Allison

Allison Lee ChildrenMy Inspiration

Motherhood.  While I have always loved taking photographs, I didn’t begin to study it in earnest until the birth of my second child.  I was a new stay-home mum (ie former political consultant) with a newborn and a two and a half year old.  While each day had its magical, awe filled moments, I found myself drowning a bit in the feeding, cleaning, not sleeping, rinse and repeat cycle of that first year.  I knew I wasn’t retaining the exquisite moments of raising little ones.  The moments were there but they were gone in a flash and often at the end of the day exhaustion overwhelmed me.  So I decided to pick up my camera and learn how to capture those moments in a way that was worthy of them.  I knew that “seeing was believing” and felt strongly that if I surrounded myself with images that captured the magic of each day that motherhood would be dominated by awe and gratitude.  And it worked.   Nothing else changed except that I started documenting joy, magic, gratitude, beauty and awe – my children’s and my own as a parent.  Days were still long, sometimes hard but my tangible memories were of the amazing moments.  The moments where you can’t believe how lucky you are to be a mum. Those moments surrounded me on my walls where I saw them daily.  They are my view of motherhood.

My Style

I am an on-location Sydney photographer specialising in natural child and family portrait sessions that capture the beauty and magic of childhood.  My goal is to capture your child’s spirit and unique way of being the world through beautiful imagery.

I love shooting in our beautiful city.  The City, the iconic buildings, the Harbour, the beaches, your neighbourhood.  All of these locations make for stunning sets for your photography session.  I am happy to help you choose or you can pick your favourite spot. I am also happy to do sessions at your home if you desire.  Between the two of us we will plan something amazing!

About Me

I’ve loved photography since I was a child.  I grew up with my dad in the darkroom and patiently waited for the light to change from red to green so I could see what magically developed on that special white paper.  I was the first in line to sign up for the photography class at camp, and can’t remember a holiday where I wasn’t the official photographer.

Fast forward a few decades and my husband and I were at the top of our careers working in politics in the United States. We were living a fast paced and exciting life in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC –  hob knobbing with politicians, celebrities, and journalists.  Then we had a baby.  And as everyone who becomes a parent knows – it changes EVERYTHING.  Priorities shift, commitments shift, responsibilities double (or triple!) but also disappear in some other areas that were oh so important just hours before this new magical being entered the world.

As luck would have it, I had the good fortune to have married a man whose parents lived in a far off land called Australia – right in the center of Sydney.  When my daughter was three months old we brought her to meet her grandparents.  It was Christmastime and the city sparkled.  You could smell the sea and be in the center of the city at the same time.  Neither of us wanted to leave to go back to America.

So five months later we arrived at the Sydney airport with a baby and eight suitcases.  We moved into a unit right next to the CBD – a stone’s throw from the Harbour Bridge. And I fell in love with this magical City.

Today we have two children who treat the city as their playground.  They frolic in Hyde Park, climb the Opera House stairs, shop at the iconic QVB, explore the Royal Botanical Gardens and take the ferry to Luna Park or Manly like it is an everyday occurrence.   I love how varied, beautiful and big their world is – that they are exposed to the magic of diversity, individualism and self expression that exists when you live on the doorstep of the biggest city in the country.