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 About My Style

I am an on-location, natural light child photographer specialising in candid and modern child portraits around Sydney. My goal is to capture images of your child being him or herself. I want your child to feel free to be themselves – to be silly, to be serious, to jump, run, hide, roar like a dinosaur or fly like a fairy. I consider it my job to capture the magic of your child.  Mum Dad, and other family are welcome to join in the fun.

I love shooting in our magical city.  The City, the iconic buildings, the Harbour, the beaches, your neighbourhood.  All of these locations make for stunning sets for your photography session.  I am happy to help you choose or you can pick your favourite spot. I am also happy to do sessions at your home if you desire.  Between the two of us we will plan something amazing!  Let’s schedule a date to get together soon!

Sydney Children

My inspiration
Every artist has something in their background that defines their vision and inspires the art they create.  For me, it’s my own childhood.

I have fond memories of childhood.  I remember building a carnival in my backyard while my parents were at work, drawing for hours with a flashlight after bedtime, and playing dolls in my room on a Saturday morning.  But magical moments were either when I was alone or with friends. With my parents it was a bit different.  I was expected to draw a differently, pursue dreams that belonged to someone else, and be interested in games and toys that didn’t suit me.

When I had my daughter, I wanted something different for her childhood.  I didn’t want her carefree moments, when she is lost in her own imagination, to happen in my absence.  I didn’t want her hiding away her passions, her silliness, her unique way of viewing that world.   I wanted to be there, truly seeing what this unique, magical being was bringing to the world.  I wanted my kids to experience that magic of childhood – the freedom to express themselves, to be silly, to wander, explore and find out what interests them, to dream their dreams – right in front of me.   I wanted to witness that.  Document it.  Prove to myself and my kids that I saw them for exactly who they are. That who they are is what is most valuable to me.  So I picked up my camera and started snapping….

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